Andrico Spates

Leader Advisor Creator

With over 20 years of success, Andrico is a proven leader with the ability to direct and manage large initiatives efficiently and successfully. He is relentlessly focused on business growth and creating strategies to increase profits and optimize business resources through innovative collaboration and data driven disruption.  Andrico is experienced in addressing small to multinational businesses including their go to market channels, spanning both public and private sectors.  He is a visionary, skilled in developing business and people.





2021 - Present
Sr. Manager
Global Partners and Small & Medium Business

Directing the execution strategy and value realization of Cisco's $50M investment to diversify the channel/partner ecosystem as a part of the Social Impact Initiative.  Resulting in an increase in the overall number, hiring, and profitability of Black/African American Cisco Partners and Ally Partners.

Strategic consulting and advising of channel partner Chief Executives.  Driving scalable acceleration and expansion programs for Tier 2 distribution partners to accelerate market adoption of key technologies and acquisitions.

2023 - Present
Board Member
Executive Advisory Board

Leveraging industry leadership and results to inform the strategic direction and impact of the St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP).  Strategizing methods for growth and new corporate and community partnerships.  Certifying Digital Badging awards for SLIP Interns.

2020 - Present
Advising Consultant
Executive Advisor

Advising the strategy and execution of the Spanish Lake Community Association Executive Board on marketing and programs. Guiding the process and frameworks to ensure activities are properly marketed and measured to ensure success

2021 - 2023
Board Member
Executive Advisory Board - Design Thinking

Provided strategic direction to guide quality improvement and assess program efficacy.  Supported the faculty and program managers to deliver relevant offerings and strengthen the fundamental mission to provide an immediate return on investment back to firms, and ensure the program delivers content that is current and relevant to business and industry needs.

2015 - 2021
Customer Success and
Engagement Manager
Customer Success

Ensured Cisco's Data and Analytics platforms drove strategic business processes across Cisco’s 20,000+ salesforce, partners, and lines of business.  Completed process integration for Cisco business functions leveraging analytics and digitization to drive productivity gains and profitability growth.

Delivered executive and sales platforms that effectively monetized how Cisco brings products and solutions to market at scale maximizing revenue and margin.  Led adoption maturity and value realization team for analytical solutions and offers resulting in 150% growth in install base data users, driving the platform to top 1% most used globally.

2014 - 2015
International Business
Development Manager
Business Development

Led transformational business change in the way Cisco approaches services, and helped establish Cisco as a market leader in next-generation "SMART" services across sales, marketing, and customer success.  Developed an offer creation and Go to Market framework for over 30 partners centered on product telemetry information.  Delivered the "API in a Box" solution to simplify the integration of product telemetry data into Partner CRM systems. Resulting in reduced time to deploy from 8 weeks down to 1 week. Provided feedback and direction to product management & executives based on customer interaction and market intelligence.

2011 - 2014
Market Strategy
Market Strategy

Accelerated sales performance by implementing new solutions and business models to achieve yearly sales goals for Cisco wired and wireless business. Resulting in $1.6B, growth of 19% in Fiscal Year 2012.

Delivered value through a new vertical solution and business model for hospitality for 25 Cisco partners resulted in a 25% market share increase in 24 months.

Led key programs and initiatives for distributors and channel partners/resellers. Designed an automated wired and wireless solutions adviser to enable internal and external sales personnel.

Created and managed a carrier class global cloud-based demonstration program completing over 500 customer facing solution demonstrations per month with over 5,000 internal and external users

2007 - 2011
Enterprise and Public
Sector Sales Consultant

Area lead for mobility sales engagements responsible for customer presentations, designs, and competitive selling.

Managed a six-state region consisting of commercial, public sector, enterprise and global accounts.  Addressed over 700 accounts yearly to exceed sales goals by up to up to 136% for 12 consecutive quarters generating revenue of over $100M

Led eight engineers - developed training, sales knowledge, and technical design expertise.  Created training initiative for over 120 partners in IT network design and implementation across eight states


Masters of Business Administration

Honors – Beta Gamma Sigma

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Masters of Science

Information and Communication Sciences

Ball State University

Bachelors of Science

Honors - Cum Laude

Ball State University


Certified Channel Manager

(2024) Chanimal

Certified Interviewer

(2021) Cisco

Data Literacy and Storytelling

(2020) Cisco/LinkedIn

Strategic Planning

(2017) Accenture

Small Business Finance

(2017) LinkedIn

Real Estate Investing and Finance

(2017) LinkedIn

Negotiating with Sales Leaders

(2016) Negotiations Experts

Certified Wireless Network Professional

(2009) CWNP

Cisco Certified Networking Professional

(2007) Cisco


DEI 101 Honoree

(2022 and 2023)
Channel Futures

St. Louis Young Leader

St. Louis American Foundation


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is an organizational Brotherhood consisting of 750 chapters throughout the world. It is the first international fraternal organization founded on the campus of a historically black college. Dedicated to its Cardinal Principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift.

A lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS). BGS recognizes and honors the top 10% of undergraduate students, top 20% of graduate students and all doctoral candidates from around the world in business schools accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Institute for Leadership Development & Research

This ELC Institute aims to strengthen the talent pipeline of Black leaders, providing top-rate leadership programs that focus on individual growth at different career levels

The National Black MBA Association's mission is to lead in the creation of educational, wealth building, and growth opportunities for those historically underrepresented throughout their careers as students, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Modeling the core value of inclusivity in innovation, TechSTL is democratizing membership to build the largest, most diverse – and therefore strongest – tech council in North America.

Board Member (2015-2017)

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Point of View - Empathetic Leadership unlocks Inclusion

By Andrico Spates

The greatest impact comes from aligning organizational goals with value generated as a result of goal achievement.  A common mistake that many leaders make is to only focus on the enterprise value and not the team or individual contributors’ value perspective.  This includes the “WIIFM” or what’s in it for me mindset.  Therefore, leaders should make an intentional effort to place themselves in the team members’ shoes. In the case of first line supervisors, this should include the consideration of the individual lived encounters or points of view of the workers and their motivations. Likewise, it can be applied to objection handling, overseeing clashes, or accelerating development.  An empathetic leadership approach is in itself inclusive and uncovers the through line to take a team or individual from unable and insecure to confident and passionate.

A “Guide” to Success

By Andrico Spates

We don’t succeed alone, nor should we fail alone.  The strength of our personal and professional advisory circle is a good indication for the potential of success. A good advisor is a good listener, who takes the opinions of others seriously.  One of the best ways to advise is to understand what’s causing the inertia or what’s keeping the obstacle from being moved.  This context and clarity is needed and what’s often missing.  An advisor isn’t limited to professional roles, it also applies to our personal lives as well.  Oftentimes this type of advisor is referred to as a mentor.  A large benefit of an advisory circle is their collective experience and frameworks or proven solutions that bring results.

If You Can't Find it Create it.

By Andrico Spates

If you can’t find the optimal solution to an issue, create it. A few items I have created include a cloud demonstration system, automated solutions design adviser, adoption maturity framework, training and enablement programs, and new sales motions to capture diversity opportunities.  Being a creator takes courage, there can be many successes and many delayed successes (failures). Collaborating and brainstorming with colleagues not only increases creativity but it also helps uncover potential in unseen options.  There are a series of questions that should be asked to accelerate viable creative solutions to problems.  There are also a series of concrete actions that can be taken to increase the likelihood a creative solution will succeed and to help you become better at generating creative ideas.  Thought leaders who take action are creators.